The Blanket

In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remeberance Day (October 15), I am reblogging an older post of mine. #pregnancyloss #october15 #Pregnancyandinfantloss #iam1in4

Not a Day Over 45

Kate of my dreaming
Unruly spirals of strawberry silk
Eyes as blue as his
Your chubby hand touches my face
and I am awake.

I don’t think a March 13 will ever begin with anything but tears for me. As I was lying in bed this night before, dreading my dreams, dreading awakening tomorrow morning missing what I never had, I began to think about our first March 13. March 13, 2011. The due date of the daughter I miscarried.

Gregg knew my pain on that day would be unbearable, and he did a very Gregg thing – he planned a day full of things I would like to do. He put aside his own grief on this day to save me from sinking into sadness. Our first order of business was to go see his Grammy in her assisted living apartment.

Grammy was absolutely the best human being I…

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