His Mother’s Child

Logan’s grad video from Amy Cory on Vimeo. Last week, I received a late night text from my son, Logan. “Listen to this. It made me cry,” with a link to a song. This beautiful song was “You Are Your Mother’s Child”, by Connor Oberst. The title alone made me cry. We cry at music … More His Mother’s Child


Raised by Wolves

In other breaking news, I saw a video clip recently of a mother brown bear rescuing her cub from a busy highway. Go ahead. Google it. I’ll wait. You’re probably a rebel and didn’t Google it, so I’ll recap. A cub had somehow gotten on the trafficy side of a highway barrier and was in … More Raised by Wolves

That One Commercial

You turn on the television, and there’s the commercial. You know, that one commercial. People are dancing. There’s an upbeat song. There might be a dog and a car. Twenty-seven seconds into the commercial, and it’s obvious. The commercial is for… Deck paint. No, Beer. No, retirement funds. No, cell phones. No, pet food. No, … More That One Commercial