All The Single Ladies

There is a look that formerly single moms give to friends announcing their divorce. It’s partly pitying, partly supportive, and partly one that says, “Hold on, because I am about to give you some unsolicited advice.” And my middle-aged single friends, here is that advice. Dating men after 40 is like shopping at a thrift … More All The Single Ladies

Spring Break Up

I am officially on Spring Break. If it were 1987, I would be headed to Ft. Lauderdale with three friends and a case of Little Kings. I would also have bigger hair and smaller boobs. But alas, it is not 1987, I am not 18, and I am not headed to Ft. Lauderdale. I am … More Spring Break Up

At 7 and 21

During Round 1 of college, back in the late 80’s (after boobs but before marriage) I fancied myself a poet. A most excellent poet and professor, Alice Friman, said I wasn’t bad, either. Coming from her, that was quite a compliment. I thought I knew enough about life to write the following poem, for which … More At 7 and 21

Running with Lama

I love books. Paper ones. So when the Kindle was introduced about four years ago, it took some thought before asking for one as a Christmas present from my husband. Practical Me won out over Romantic Notion me, as it has frequently after turning from Thirties Me to Forties Me. I enjoyed being able to … More Running with Lama

Disappearing at the Corner of Riverside and McKinley

There is something terribly uncool about standing on a busy corner of a college campus street with your mom. Especially if you’re the mom. This morning, Logan and I went to visit Ball State University, which he is planning to attend in the fall. Our drive there was great. Like usual, we chatted like friends … More Disappearing at the Corner of Riverside and McKinley

Getting Happy

It’s the International Day of Happiness. I began celebrating it with violent cursing and screaming at an unexpected road closure that turned my normal 35 minute commute to work into a 50 minute meltdown of rage and anxiety. I sat at my desk, barely making it there in time for the kids to come running … More Getting Happy

Safety Dancing

I have never been on television. I have decided, however, if I ever find myself in front of a television camera, I will end my interview with, “This isn’t going to be on in Detroit, is it? Because I have warrants in Detroit…” There is a lot to be said for anonymity. Just ask the … More Safety Dancing