And Then

It seems as though each time I train for any kind of long distance run, a brand new injury reveals itself. Such are the rewards for hard work. This new injury involves my left foot. The fifth metatarsal area, to be exact. I won’t know for sure until I see my orthopedist if it is … More And Then

Strong in Compression

Two factors which contribute to a structure’s strength are material and shape. The eggshell is weak in tension and strong in compression. – Noted from the University of Iowa Department of Education The dome beneath my foot holds my weight for now. All of my focus on the center, at the heart within the shell. … More Strong in Compression

Buddhist Chairs

It is Wednesday, and in Catholic school, that means Mass Day. To many people, church provides a place to be at peace and to pray quietly. I, however, take 16 first graders to Mass. Sixteen. First graders. To Mass. During this hour of (please be) quiet prayer (“God, please make him take his finger out … More Buddhist Chairs

Ode to a Great Leg

As I climbed into bed last night, I felt the heat from my husband’s body rise from the blankets. Now, before you assume this is porn, let me explain. Gregg had a fever. Not that he isn’t hot in a hot kind of way. He’s just now also hot in an infective sort of way. … More Ode to a Great Leg

The Water Is Wide

“The water is wide I can’t cross over And neither have I wings to fly…”    – English Folk Song, sung best by James Taylor, of course. Through teary eyes, I watched my son, Logan, swim the final meet of his senior year.  And when I say “teary eyes”‘ I hardly mean that a small, … More The Water Is Wide


There are significant days you remember as a mother. The day my youngest son was born will stay with me like it was yesterday. My first son, not so much, as I was subject to a Morphine hazed C-section, knocked out before surgery by an anesthesiologist who was simply tired of hearing me curse the … More Rebirthday