Meteorology and You

In the spring, it rains. The leftover cold of an empty winter The pushing heat of a steamy summer Fighting to gain your attention Fighting to divert mine. The quiet blanket of snow has melted But the ground is still cold Soaked in water, waiting to freeze Happy to silently wait for night When the … More Meteorology and You


Today I have listened to NPR, watched the local news twice and the national news once, tuned in to two episodes of Dr. Phil, and spent more time than reasonably expected reading blogs and cruising Facebook. I’m pretty sure I simultaneously know way too much and way too little. I want to make it clear … More Shhhhhh…..


Let it be known that I could never be a Jehovah’s Witness. My affinity for celebrating holidays is well known, and often a source of stress for my husband, Gregg. I like most holidays, even the ones “created as marketing gimmicks by greeting card companies,” per Gregg. Never fear, Hallmark, I got your back. You … More Shenanigans