I was 36 years old, a divorced mother of two boys. I worked full time in a law office and was putting myself though college to finish a degree that I couldn’t afford (but couldn’t afford not to get.) I was depressed, obese, and had cut my hair short to look like Halle Barry’s.  It … More Kryptonite

Running with Lama

I love books. Paper ones. So when the Kindle was introduced about four years ago, it took some thought before asking for one as a Christmas present from my husband. Practical Me won out over Romantic Notion me, as it has frequently after turning from Thirties Me to Forties Me. I enjoyed being able to … More Running with Lama

And Then

It seems as though each time I train for any kind of long distance run, a brand new injury reveals itself. Such are the rewards for hard work. This new injury involves my left foot. The fifth metatarsal area, to be exact. I won’t know for sure until I see my orthopedist if it is … More And Then