Overheard at Dinner: A Marriage Settled In

When we were married four years ago, my dinner conversations with Gregg were the typical newlywed conversations. “What are you thinking?” “How much I love you!” “I love you, too!” “You’re so beautiful!” “Aw, that’s so sweet, YOU’RE so beautiful!” So, yeah, that was great. Tonight’s dinner conversation included the following: “Kettle corn killed the … More Overheard at Dinner: A Marriage Settled In

Marsha Green Jeans

My sister was 16 when I was born. I consider myself her “starter baby”.  This probably explains why she waited a while to have kids. While no one else might consider 16 years a perfect space between siblings, I highly recommend it.  a) She was old enough to be a competent babysitter; b) she was young … More Marsha Green Jeans


Our small, local newspaper has begun printing a Sunday paper.  Technically it’s the Friday edition, since this particular newspaper is infamous for printing things two days late, but the paper comes on Sunday, it has a plethora of ads, and it is spread out in pieces all around my house, and so by definition, it’s … More Newsworthy

Isn’t He Lovely?

I am madly, deeply, entirely in love today. I am going to let my son be the author of this post, because in his newfound fatherhood, he has found clarity. He has discovered profound love. “So here we are. Who would have thought that at 7:09 pm on 6/19/2014, my heart would be split into … More Isn’t He Lovely?