Teaching new parts of speech to six year olds is not an easy task. In Kindergarten, they learned that words are letters put together in a certain order and have meaning. They learn that print moves from left to right. They learn that sentences are words put together in a certain order to make sense, … More #droptheadjectives

The Blanket

Kate of my dreaming Unruly spirals of strawberry silk Eyes as blue as his Your chubby hand touches my face and I am awake. I don’t think a March 13 will ever begin with anything but tears for me. As I was lying in bed this night before, dreading my dreams, dreading awakening tomorrow morning … More The Blanket

A Husband’s Guide to Menopause (Book Jacket: Power Tool Technology of the 20th Century)

I know you. You are a husband, maybe my husband, and you have a wife that is somewhere between the ages of 40 and 90. You may not even know or remember exactly what that age is, but you know that she had a 40th birthday once, and she isn’t dead yet. You may have … More A Husband’s Guide to Menopause (Book Jacket: Power Tool Technology of the 20th Century)

Mother Mary

There are times when something a writer pens something that unknowingly changes things forever. Christmas Day, December of 2007, I wrote a new perspective on the day, and it has changed the way I look at Christmas. I recall it each year, and this year as I hold my sweet new grandchild, it is especially … More Mother Mary

Starbucks Stories

I’m in a Starbucks today, where I spent much of my time a few years ago doing college homework, finishing my degree. The degree has been obtained, I have a teaching job, and I’m now taking the morning off in order to have a mammogram and afterwards, sit in a Starbucks, neither doing nor giving … More Starbucks Stories