The Zodiac Killer

I look around, and it seems strange to me that people are still going about their normal business.  Others seem nonplussed about the news, but surely, like me, they must be reeling on the inside.  Yes, it was weeks ago, but my shattered life is still in pieces and I’m trying to hold my shit together … More The Zodiac Killer

Mirror, Mirror; Or…Why I Bought A Dress I Thought I Shouldn’t Wear

Shopping in your forties is the exact opposite of shopping in your twenties. In 1990, I found all sorts of awesome clothes (read: peg legged Hammer pants, acrylic jacquard sweaters, little black dresses) that fit my rockin’ pre-baby, pre-Martha-Stewart-Living, pre-peri-menopausal body; I could afford to buy exactly none of them.  Now, I have the means … More Mirror, Mirror; Or…Why I Bought A Dress I Thought I Shouldn’t Wear


Teaching new parts of speech to six year olds is not an easy task. In Kindergarten, they learned that words are letters put together in a certain order and have meaning. They learn that print moves from left to right. They learn that sentences are words put together in a certain order to make sense, … More #droptheadjectives

The Blanket

Kate of my dreaming Unruly spirals of strawberry silk Eyes as blue as his Your chubby hand touches my face and I am awake. I don’t think a March 13 will ever begin with anything but tears for me. As I was lying in bed this night before, dreading my dreams, dreading awakening tomorrow morning … More The Blanket