Today I have listened to NPR, watched the local news twice and the national news once, tuned in to two episodes of Dr. Phil, and spent more time than reasonably expected reading blogs and cruising Facebook. I’m pretty sure I simultaneously know way too much and way too little.

I want to make it clear that I am not an expert. On anything. Especially matters of politics and military action. So when I hear news stories that go into great detail of matters in those subjects, I become uncomfortable. I can’t help but feel as though I know details that would make me worthy of kidnapping. “No, Komandir, I don’t know classified secrets; but I admit I did watch Face the Nation last week.”

Seriously. In many of the political broadcasts out there, information is given to the general public, information which is really only completely understandable and necessary for about, oh, ten people. I am not one of those ten people. It does no good to tell me about where our armed forces are in a certain country and what their next move might be. It only succeeds in stressing me out. So I vow to keep it a secret and turn the channel.

Said channel may then be broadcasting a talk show or a “reality” show where, once again, I am bombarded with information which is completely none of my business. When Mindy was 17, she was a stripper who was gang raped by bikers. Stacy lost her virginity to her neighbor at age 13. Kimberly thinks she may have a venereal disease. I truly hope none of these women actually live near me, because if I would happen to run into them at The Walmart, it would be way awkward. So I vow to pretend not to know their torrid pasts and turn off the television.

Social media is not much better. I find out that Susan has to have a colonoscopy (and thank God I know that, because I haven’t seen her since middle school and was wondering just yesterday how my old friends’ colons were holding up.) I find out that Mark likes much younger women, as does Diane, and that Becky really wishes somebody, who knows who she is, would keep her nasty hands off her husband. Most importantly, I’m pretty sure Tamara is going to have potato casserole for dinner.

On a large as well as a small scale, we seem to have become a society that has no respect for secrecy. Perhaps as a blogger, I am as guilty of this as much as anyone else. But as much I have shared, there are a lot of things I haven’t, and will not. I don’t want to make it awkward for you if you see me at The Walmart. The point is, I kind of wish the world would return to a time in which every detail of every single thing wasn’t so transparent. I wish we could have leaders who were educated and respectable and trustworthy enough for us to be able to say, “Yes, that is an important issue…please take care of that,” and they would take care of it, without us having to know the details. I wish people would respect themselves enough to not want others to look upon them with pity or disdain, and that they, too, would take care of their problems without us having to know the details.

Meanwhile I’ll be here, minding my own business.

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